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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Brindamos consultoría financiera experta a empresas del middle market, corporaciones, grupos familiares y fondos de private equity que buscan optimizar inversiones, capital y estructuras financieras.

corporate-finance consultant
50 years of experience and commitment: leading Corporate Finance in Spain

Our commitment is to provide high quality strategic advice and support our clients in making beneficial financial decisions for their businesses.

We are pioneers in the development of Corporate Finance in Spain and after years of seriousness, effort and commitment, we are proud to be today one of the leading firms in in advising on corporate transactions in the Mid-market.

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USA Group, salida de Portobello Capital y entrada de nuevos socios
Asesor financiero del comprador
Renovación programa pagarés MARF. Saldo vivo máximo 200 M€
Asesor Registrado
Ampliación de capital BME Growth
Asesor Registrado
Venta al equipo de gestión de la empresa. Inversores privados
Asesor financiero y legal de la transacción
The Dutch company Caldic acquires Ricardo Molina
Seller's financial advisor
The American firm ArtiFlex acquires Ingemat
Seller's financial and legal advisor
Benito Jiménez's Business Group acquires 100% of Cárnicas Galar
Seller's financial and legal advisor
Aticco, capital increase of 10 million euros subscribed by Grupo Catalana Occidente and private investors
Registered Advisor
Formaspack acquires 100% of Recopolymers
Financial and legal advisor to both parties
Pasaban acquires the majority of the American company A&F
Buy-side advisor
SILAM becomes part of the ELASTOFIRM Group
Sell-side advisor
The Chilean multinational group Tecno Fast acquires the Navarrese company Balat
Buy-side advisor

corporate finance consulting

Our M&A Services

Strategic advice in Corporate Finance

We provide advice on corporate transactions related to capital and financing, oriented to the strategic vision of the companies.

We work closely with our clients throughout the entire merger, acquisition or sale process, from the identification of potential partners/counterparties to the signing of the transaction.

Sale of companies: integral management of processes

Seeking investment for projects or companies

Acquisition of companies: comprehensive management

Analysis of markets and businesses on a global scale

Mergers: analysis of synergies, establishment of exchange equations

Valuation of companies

We offer our experience and knowledge in the conception, negotiation and execution of transactions in which Private Equity (Private Equity, Venture Capital, Family Offices...) is involved as an investor.

We advise companies that may consider Private Equity as a partner and companion in their development and future strategy, those who may see it as an option for divestment and also to Private Equity itself.

We try to understand the markets and maximize the delivery of value, emphasizing the design of innovative strategies and appropriate structures, both for investment and for divestment.

Buy Outs (MBO, MBI...)



Build Up Processes

We guide companies in their incursion into the capital markets. Our extensive experience makes us the BME Growth Registered Advisor with the most transactions carried out in Spain outside SOCIMIS. We design tailor-made solutions to enhance the generation of value in the stock market scenario.

BME Growth. Registered Advisors SME Stock Market

MARF. Registered Advisors Alternative Fixed Income Market

Equity Capial Markets advisory services: IPOs in the Spanish Stock

Investor relations advisory services

We offer specialized advice on debt and balance sheet structure to improve the financial situation of companies. We address renegotiation strategies with creditors, identification of new sources of financing and management of financial and operational risks. We contribute to ensure long-term sustainable growth.

Search for funding

Restructuring and refinancing

Counselling on emission of Private Debt - Alternative sources of finance

Crisis situation and Turnaround

Counselling on “special situations”

corporate finance consultants

M&A Advisors in Spain

Experience and vision: meet our Corporate Finance partners

Our Corporate Finance partners have solid national and international experience and are backed by a close relationship with financial markets.

More than 30% of our closed transactions are international

Local presence in the main world markets.

Mergers Alliance
has proprietary tools that allow all its partners, currently present in more than 20 countries with more than 30 offices worldwide, a high level of collaboration and integration.

Operating 22 countries, 39 offices
global-partnership-of-corporate-finance -specialists
FURTHER Information

corporate finance services

Multidisciplinary approach

Our work is developed on the basis of in-depth knowledge through specialized sectorial teams at both, domestic and international level.

In Corporate Finance we can integrate our different activities: legal-tax advice, advisory & interim management, crisis management... if required by the project, in order to achieve the proposed objectives. The differential multidisciplinary nature means that we can control issues related to the legal-tax structure of the operation in company sales processes, or the risks and synergies of a business integration, in the case of acquisitions.

The greater the complexity of the projects we undertake, the greater the value of our contribution.

We currently have, in Spain, a Corporate Finance team of almost 40 specialized professionals distributed in our 6 offices, complemented by a group of more than 300 professionals spread around the world.

  • Ongoing education and procurement of expertise
    International sectoral expertise.
  • Identifing, generating and sharing
    Opportunities for our clents.
  • Improving efficiency
    For the execution of mandates.

C- Level CFO

Our offices


corporate finance company Madrid

Calle de Velázquez, 55 - 5º
28001 Madrid
+34 915 901 660

Director: Jorge Sirodey

San Sebastián

corporate finance company San Sebastián

Avenida de La Libertad, 17 - 4º
20004 San Sebastián
+34 943 32 70 44

Director: Bruno Ruiz Arrúe


corporate finance company Barcelona

Avda. Diagonal, 618 - 5º
08021 Barcelona
+34 933 42 62 27

Director: David R. Rocadembosch


corporate finance company Sevilla

Avenida de la Constitución, 36 - 3º
41001 Sevilla
+34 954 53 55 18

Director: Jorge Sirodey


Bilbao corporate finance company

Gran Vía, 29 - 5º
48009 Bilbao
+34 944 35 23 11

Director: Igor Gorostiaga


corporate finance company Pamplona

García Castañón, 8 - 2º
31002 Pamplona
+ 34 948 775 715

Director: Marta Vera
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